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Congratulations, Class of 2012!

Congratulations, Class of 2012!!! Graduation day is one of the most enjoyable and memorable days you will have as a law student. Above is a picture of some of our 2012 NYLS graduates taken at the commencement ceremony held last week at Radio City Music Hall. Thinking back to my graduation last year, I still remember walking across the stage in front of my family and loved ones to receive my diploma. All I could think was: YES!!! I am now a law school graduate! I will tell you, as a law school graduate and a newly admitted attorney, all of the blood, sweat, and tears are totally worth it.

Up next for our graduates is what I call the Beast . . . aka the Bar Exam. Fret not; you made it through law school so what’s ahead can’t get any harder! Yes, it will be challenging. And of course you’ll be happy to be done with it! So, pat yourself on the back and know that you are ready for the next challenge ahead. Good luck! And congratulations again on completing your law degree at NYLS!

In the Mood for…Variety Café







If you’re in the mood for some variety for lunch, you should head over to Variety Café, located a few blocks from NYLS at 339 Broadway. Locals find plenty of options at this friendly eatery offering dine-in and to-go service. From sushi to salads to fried chicken, this is the place to be once the clock hits noon. Surrounded by the sweet aroma of fresh fruit, or sizzling beef on a sandwich, or the cheesy lasagna waiting for you to cut a piece, you’ll feel excited and torn as to what you should try first.

That’s exactly how lunchtime should be, especially for a busy law school student. I encourage you to take the time to check Variety out for yourself. Whether you pack a small container to the brim with fruit, veggies, and pasta salad from the cold bar, or fill a larger box with shrimp, rice, and noodles from the hot bar, you will thoroughly enjoy your meal. You can also get made-to-order salads, sandwiches, and combination platters.

And fortunately, the prices are reasonable so you can load up your plate. And don’t forget any hot sauce, duck sauce, or soy sauce you might want to add for flavor. Lunch will be the best hour of your day! I look forward to hearing what your favorite combinations are!

Professor Spotlight: Ann F. Thomas

Professor Ann F. Thomas is one of the best professors I had at NYLS. Every time I saw her, she always asked how I was doing and what was happening with my employment prospects, and she continually offered her assistance with anything I needed. She is an extremely helpful and supportive professor, which can really make a difference when you are learning about tax law. Professor Thomas teaches a variety of courses, including Business Law in Structuring the Closely Held Enterprise, Comparative Tax Law, Corporate Tax, and Federal Income Tax: Individual. In addition to that, she’s also the Director of the Graduate Tax Program at NYLS.

When I was taking Federal Income Tax, we spent the majority of the course covering the topic of gross income. We addressed questions like: Is the lunch your boss bought you gross income? Is the annual birthday money from mom and dad gross income? If you win a free car in Vegas does that count as gross income as well? Or, are the fringe benefits you receive for you and your family gross income as well? I was enthralled going through various exercises to identify what gross income is and isn’t, in addition to covering more complex tax law concepts throughout the course. One of the reasons I initially took the class was to better understand my 1040 form at tax time. But by the end of the course, I left knowing much more than I had expected, and with a piqued interest in the field of tax law.

Professor Thomas definitely taught me how important tax law is, and the role it plays in my life—even beyond April 15. To learn more about her, visit her NYLS bio page at:

Class Spotlight: Professional Responsibility

Did you know that there are specific standards and rules that govern lawyers’ professional behavior? The American Bar Association’s “Model Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers” outline everything from how a lawyer should bill a client to what type of advice a lawyer can give a client. It’s imperative for law students and lawyers to know and follow the various standards for legal ethics and professional responsibility at all times. And yes, as a law school student, there is information specific to you as well!

When I took Professional Responsibility with Adjunct Professor Carmen Barbazan, I fell in love with this topic. Understanding what to do and what not to do as an attorney is just as important as the type of representation you need to provide for your client. Professional Responsibility is a required course at New York Law School, and I’m extremely grateful that I took it with Professor Barbazan. She is a wonderfully direct professor who breaks down what you need to know for the class, the final, and for practice. She provided helpful tips for us to keep mind as future lawyers. And as she went through the relevant rules and ethical obligations for lawyers, she provided plenty of real-life examples to illustrate what the consequences would be if you don’t follow them.

Law & Art: Elizabeth Langer

What are some of the things you expect to see at a law school? Students studying, professors speaking with students, visitors touring the campus, and beautiful art throughout the school. Yes! New York Law School’s Broad Student Center includes a gallery space where local artists showcase their work to the entire community. The Law School hosts exhibits throughout the academic year, displaying colorful photographs, paintings, prints, and drawings that bring the walls of the bustling Student Center to life.

The following pictures show some of Elizabeth Langer’s works currently on display at NYLS. Langer is quite the talent—she’s a painter and a collage and print maker based in New York City, and she’s also an attorney. Her exhibit, called Form and Figure, will be on display at NYLS through May 20.

I wouldn’t say I’m an art connoisseur, but I think these pieces are absolutely interesting and emotionally evoking, and I’d love to add some of them to my own collection at home. Enjoying where you study and spend large amounts of time is extremely important. If you can be surrounded by beautiful art, there is nothing wrong with that! Thank you, New York Law School, for showcasing innovative artwork throughout the school.

If you’re interested in seeing Elizabeth Langer’s exhibit, stop by NYLS by May 20. There is also plenty of other art on display throughout the campus. And stay tuned to Sidebar; there is much more art to be seen!


Law & Art: Library Art

When I was a student at NYLS, I don’t recall seeing this New Yorker cartoon on the bottom floor of the library. On a recent tour of the School, I saw this image and had to chuckle to myself. Not just because the question posed by one Supreme Court justice to another is humorous—but because once you attend and graduate from law school, you are constantly making decisions where you think about whether something is the right thing to do personally or professionally. What kills me is when someone is discussing an action they are about to do or have already committed, and all I can think about are the legal ramifications of what they are saying. Essentially, deciding if something is good or bad, constitutional or unconstitutional, lawful or unlawful becomes your life!

Finals Time: Favorite Study Spots

It’s that time of year again . . . FINALS!!! Don’t worry; there are plenty of places to study at NYLS where you can work on your computers or read for several hours at a time. In this photo, some students are getting work done in the student center in the E Building, which features art exhibits throughout the year.

And here, students study in the cafeteria on the fifth floor of the A Building. It serves food all day and has an outdoor terrace where students eat, study, and hang out when the weather’s nice.